About the Policy Journal


The 2014 edition of the Policy Journal is our last. The Journal is no longer accepting submissions. However, we’re pleased to announce the creation of a new research journal on campus. More information to come!

The University of Washington Bothell Policy Journal began in 1996 and has emerged as a staple in campus life. We have seen many changes throughout the years with regards to technology, print editions, board members, faculty advisers, and author interest. The Journal is an ongoing collaborative process that seeks to highlight the superior research conducted by UWB students, and to provide space for comparing, analyzing, and generally thinking about the ways research and knowledge production intersect.

The UWB Policy Journal offers an opportunity for students to hone their writing skills and emerge as more effective writers.

We accept submissions year round.  For more information about submission requirements, please see our Submission Requirements page.

Our Mission:

The UWB Policy Journal is a compilation of policy-related work submitted and published by students of the University of Washington Bothell .

Our mission is to publish research on a broad range of policy topics spanning all disciplines, levels of analysis, and national contexts. You will find previous editions of the Policy Journal in the “Past Editions” tab above. You will find a wide range of topics throughout the Journals, and the board encourages all UWB students to get involved in this fantastic opportunity for sharing research, insight, and community involvement.

The Journal’s goal is to introduce fresh ideas and new voices from around the campus on critical shared local and global issues by providing a space for student-authored research to inform how we think about all areas of policy. With collaboration from the Writing and Communication Center, the Journal offers an opportunity for students (both authors and members of the editorial board) to hone their writing skills and emerge as more effective writers.



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