Welcome to the UWB Policy Journal’s website!

The Policy Journal is a compilation of policy-related work submitted and published by students of the University of Washington Bothell.

Our mission is to publish research on a broad range of policy topics spanning all disciplines, levels of analysis, and national contexts.

The Journal’s goal is to introduce fresh ideas and new voices from around the campus on critical shared local and global issues by providing a space for student-authored research to inform how we think about all areas of policy. With collaboration from the Writing Center, it offers an opportunity for students to hone their writing skills and emerge as more effective writers.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2012 edition of the journal! Please submit as soon as possible so that if accepted, we can have time to work with you to make your work the best and most relevant piece it can be to be published.

Publishing in the journal is a great boon for your resume, grad applications, or just to be able to say, “I was published!” For more information about submission requirements, please see our “Submission Requirements” page.


The Editorial Board

UWB Policy Journal


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