2013 Board Members

Nils Frankauer immigrated to the United States from Germany in 2010. He will graduate in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, and Law, Economics and Public Policy. Nils’ academic interests span various disciplines, ranging from global and European studies to political science and socio-cultural anthropology. As an immigrant, Nils is particularly interested in transnational mobility and ethnic formation, transformation of place, and immigration policy. He recently finalized research on cultural and spatial transformations of coastal communities in Portugal, and is preparing a similar study for migrant worker communities in Yakima Valley, WA. Post-graduation, Nils hopes to attend graduate school.

Marcus Johnson will graduate in 2013 with a major in Global Studies and a minor in Human Rights. Marcus won the Mary Gates Research Scholarship for his research with IAS faculty member Benjamin Gardner on “The Multi Dimensions of Blackness: Cultural Hegemony in the US and Hispaniola.” Marcus’ comparative analysis of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the United States will situate issues of race within the domestic dynamics of the United States and the international aspects that contribute to Dominican life today. As a Fulbright Scholarship finalist, Marcus looks forward to continuing his research in the Dominican Republic and eventually attending graduate school.

Mahala Lettvin graduated from the University of Washington Bothell’s Interdisciplinary Arts & Science program in 2012 with a major in American Studies. With her interests focusing on memory, gender, culture, and revolution, Mahala looks forward to beginning the Masters of Cultural Studies program in Autumn 2013. Mahala appreciates her involvement as an editorial board member as it has offered her a deeper understanding of the importance of sharing research, and the various ways policy topics intersect with one another. She has been a member of the Policy Journal’s Editorial Board since 2011, and looks forward to continuing her involvement as she completes her Master’s degree.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Jessica MonteiroManfredi moved to the United States in 2010 to pursue her dream of attaining higher education. Inspired to fight the social injustices she witnessed in her home country and abroad, she is pursuing a double major in Global Studies, and Law, Economics and Public Policy, alongside a Spanish minor. She is especially interested in issues of human rights, specifically in understanding the complexities behind the gendered immigration of skilled workers from the Global South to the Global North, and the impacts on cultural productions in both sending and receiving countries. After graduating in 2014, she hopes to continue her research in graduate school.

Danielle Mangaser will graduate in Spring 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication Studies, pending her passing a very arduous biology class. While her interest in writing is primarily from a creative standpoint, she takes great pleasure in correcting the spelling and grammar mistakes of other writers. She prides herself on her ability to avoid making typographical errors. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a high-paying, executive-level job, with the overall goal of becoming famous.

Joanna Mead’s interest in the environment was rekindled during her first quarter at Cascadia Community College while earning an Associate in Applied Science degree in Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices with an emphasis in Business. After graduating in June 2011, she transferred to the University of Washington Bothell where she will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Conservation Science & Management from the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Upon graduation in June 2013, Joanna hopes to secure full-time employment with a company whose beliefs and practices coincide with her desire to promote conservation of biodiversity and sustainable living.

Heather L. Miles is a Community Psychology student graduating in summer 2013. Her research and professional goals encompass a variety of psycho-social topics including social discourse of power; mirror neurons and the evolution of language; participatory action research; and psychological intervention at individual, community, and structural levels of analysis. She is an avid writer of scholarly articles, persuasive essays, and poetry, and plans to pursue these forms of writing throughout her graduate and professional career. Heather has worked in the UWB Writing and Communication Center for the last two years, and plans to carry her tutoring and mentorship skills into community outreach while preparing for her graduate studies.

Board Membership

Membership in the Policy Journal Editorial Board is an ideal opportunity for UW Bothell students who are interested in: marketing the Journal; collectively reviewing, editing, and corresponding with authors in the submission and revision processes; and learning about the various aspects of the writing and publication processes.

Board members meet every week under the guidance and supervision of faculty advisors. We are a dedicated group and we aim to help others hone their writing skills as we improve our own skills in writing, communication, collaboration, shared leadership, and problem solving. Participation counts as a 2 credit class per quarter (BISSKL 400, graded as credit or no credit).

Students interested in this exciting opportunity must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and/or superior writing abilities. If you fulfill these requirements and are eager to join our team, we encourage you to send an email stating your interest to pjsubmissions@uwb.edu. Join us today!


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