2014 Authors

Mojan Ahmadi is a first-year student in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program graduating in June 2015. In 2013, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington Bothell in Law, Economics, and Public Policy. While working on-campus with Career Services, Mojan discovered her interest in labor policy and relations, specifically in regards to hiring recent college graduates. She plans to conduct her capstone project on best practices for recruiting college students into a professional career, with emphasis on the types of negotiations held between academic institutions and professional agencies.

Janelle Davis graduated in 2013 from Linfield College with a BA in Intercultural Communication and Religious Studies. She is a student in the UWB Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program. Her current research projects include an ethnographic exploration of tabletop RPG players as well as an investigation into the narrative experience of released inmates during their re-entry into free society.

David Gordon graduated from UW Bothell in Spring, 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Law, Economics and Public Policy. His research focused on the effects of marijuana legalization both locally and worldwide, as well as studying the economics of drug trafficking. He advocates responsible marijuana taxation and consumption. David is a candidate for the Masters of Policy Studies program at UW Bothell, and hopes to continue research on Washington States marijuana policies. If he isn’t admitted, his future still looks bright with a potential research career searching for what makes things funny, or as a professional mascot. He currently likes to spend his free time in his sandbox or riding his trike.

Ryan Jamieson graduates from the University of Washington Bothell in Spring Quarter 2014 with a B.A. in Law, Economics and Public Policy and a minor in Human Rights. His policy focuses include human rights, social justice, climate change, and the Affordable Care Act. He is currently interning with HopeWorks, a non-profit in Everett, WA; which focuses on helping families gain skills and training to help them transition to self-sufficiency. He hopes to use skills gained from his school and work experiences to help make the relationship between the public and private sectors more effective.

Bogdana Manole is a candidate in the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (MACS) program at the University of Washington, Bothell and will graduate in June 2014. Her academic interests address issues of environmental justice, power and knowledge formation, and science, technology and societies. Her Capstone research is centered around indigenous recognition and sovereignty. She will continue her research through the Environmental Social Science PhD Program at Arizona State University, starting with August 2014.

Melissa Watkinson is completing her first year of the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program at University of Washington Bothell and intends to graduate in June 2015. Prior to graduate school, Melissa earned her B.A. in Global Studies and Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior at UWB with a minor in Human Rights. Her research interests address issues faced by climate refugees, and she has specific interests in policy research related to vulnerability of communities, international and community development, indigenous resiliency, and human rights. Melissa’s immediate plans are to pursue a career as a researcher to influence policy.


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