2006 Policy Journal

Editorial Board

Amanda Barth
Marya Dominik
Erik Echols
Anne Harrison
Linda Jean Oakley
Michael Payne
Morgane Sabine
Leslie Stirling
Bernadette Stanek

Faculty and Staff Advisors
Daniel Jacoby
Kim Sharp

Articles included in the 2006 Policy Journal (issue #10):

2006 Teacher Certification 
Jason Jones

A Methodological Recommendation for the Future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Catherine Duffy, Mike Hope and Drew Miller

Differential Pricing, Intellectual Property Rights and the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Linsay Reece-Evans

Kinship Care
Susan Davis

Google.cn and China: A Human Rights Perspective
Rebecca Bilbao

The Students’ Voice: Experiences of Conflict within Small Learning Groups up
Debbie Anderson

The Kankuamo: The Problem of Regaining Indigenous Territorial Autonomy during Civil War
Giselle Cárcamo

An Alternative to the President’s 2005 Immigration Policy
Michael Kraft

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units Create Affordable Housing Choices
Holly Stewart

Falklands / Malvinas 2006: Current Applications
Greg Matyas


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