2006 Authors

Jason Jones is a returning student at UWB, where he is currently earning his IAS degree
with a minor in education. When not studying, Jason enjoys writing and recording music,
astronomy, and traveling. Jason expects to enter the teaching certification program in the spring of 2007, and on completion will fulfill his dream of teaching elementary school.

Catherine Duffy completed her Bachelor of Arts in English and her Master of Arts in Policy Studies at UWB. She is currently researching the personal and organizational dynamics of public leadership and their effect on policy outcomes. Catherine advocates for affordable housing and special education on Seattle’s Eastside, and lives with her husband and two youngest children in Bellevue.

Mike Hope graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from John Carroll University, in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduation, Mike started a career as a police officer with the Seattle Police Department. Currently, Mike is a crime analysis detective assigned to Seattle’s Narcotic Section. While with SPD, Mike earned his Master of Arts in Policy Studies from the University of Washington Bothell. There, Mike focused on public sector policy, gearing his capstone on the SPD’s Narcstat Program. Narcstat is a program that Mike assisted in implementing for the city of Seattle. Mike has researched topics pertaining to growth management, crime, and environmental policy. Mike resides in Lake Stevens, Washington with his wife, Sarai.

Drew Miller is currently employed as a Land Use and Transportation Planner for the
Yakima Valley Conference of Governments. He completed the Master of Arts in Policy Studies degree at the University of Washington Bothell in 2005 where he was named a Merit Scholar. Drew received his B.A. in Environmental Planning and Policy from the Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University. As a field biologist for the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, he was involved in assessing the preservation of ecosystems and endangered plant and animal species at the Yakima Training Center. Drew has also worked for Douglass Consulting, a private planning and environmental consulting firm located in Seattle.

Linsay Reece-Evans has a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Western
Washington University. Her graduate research focused on the effects of U.S. population policies on women’s access to reproductive healthcare in the developing world. She is employed as a fund developer for a Seattle non-profit organization that provides an academic enrichment program to youth living in low-income public housing.

Susan M. Davis, RN, BSN has been a registered nurse for fourteen years. She graduated
from the University of Washington Bothell BSN program in June, 2006. Her daughter and son are also 2006 university graduates. Susan lives in an idyllic setting near Port Angeles, Washington with her husband and a pampered cat named Tarzan. Her interest in kinship care was inspired by her work as a volunteer guardian ad litem for abused children with the Clallam County CASA Program.

Rebecca Bilbao is a junior at the University of Washington Bothell. She is pursuing a
Bachelor’s Degree in the Society, Ethics and Human Behavior division of the  Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program, with a Minor in Human Rights. She received her Associate of Arts from Edmonds Community College in 2005. She was previously a partner in Strategic Sales Partners, a provider of consulting and training for technology companies, working in Asia Pacific. As an independent training consultant, she lived and worked in Singapore for five years. She has served on the board of trustees for the East Side Writer’s Association, in Kirkland, and for Tales for a Small Planet, an on-line magazine for Expatriate Spouses.

Debbie Anderson graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior with a Minor in Education from the University of Washington Bothell, in June 2006. As a member of University of Washington Bothell’s Teacher Certification Program she will receive her endorsement in Elementary Education in June of 2007. Her interest in education and the emphasis on group learning at all levels with the educational system served as a the motivation for her continued research on conflict in small group that she began in her Senior Seminar Adult Learning in Small Groups.

Giselle Cárcamo graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Society, Ethics and Human Behavior with a minor in Human Rights from the University of Washington Bothell in June, 2006. Originally from Peru, Giselle moved to the States four years ago. Her aim is to raise awareness for the need to develop a vital sense of connectedness. She believes it is of fundamental importance that people develop an ethic that can be shared by all nations, cultures, and religions: a universal ethic as the basis of human rights, human responsibilities, and human connectedness.

Michael Kraft is a first year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies
program at UW Bothell. He is returning to school after nearly 15 years in the commercial software industry in various development and test roles. His current reasearch interests are poverty alleviation, sustainable economic development policy, and space policy. Michael graduated from UW Seattle with a degree in Sociology in 1988, and he received a certificate in Software Engineering from UW Extension in 1992.

Holly Stewart is a current student in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program. She
completed her undergraduate education at Gonzaga University in Politics and Sociology. After graduation, she plans to work in the public or nonprofit sectors with community development, transportation, or housing policy.

Greg Matyas is married to his ever-supportive best friend, Karen, and father to daughters Jayme and Alaina. His research interests include Foreign Policy, especially Defense and Human Rights Studies. His father is a Hungarian revolutionary and émigré, his mother a supportive, loving Hoosier. Greg’s exposure to policy began young, later influenced by two years spent in eastern Germany for the LDS church. An Eagle Scout, Safeco employee, outdoorsman, former Fire Explorer and unapologetic American, Greg finds the University of Washington Bothell challenging, and looks forward to graduate school. He prefers Socratic learning environs and having his arguments critically challenged.


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