2012 Editorial Board

Gwyneth Boyer “I am a recent graduate of the Community Psychology program at UW Bothell. I will start the Educational Specialist Degree in the area of School Psychology in the fall at Seattle University, in order to become a school psychologist. As a writing consultant at the Writing Center I was drawn to the Policy Journal from all the laughter and excitement I would overhear while working in the Writing Center. Each week Andrea, Kim and the board members make working on the Policy Journal fun, and now I know what they’ve been laughing about this whole time. Through this course I have finely tuned my skills in APA citation, and copyediting, as well as gained some new friends. It has been an amazing experience to work with the all of the policy journal board members and our wonderful supervisors Andrea Stone and Kim Sharp.”

Cora Thomas “I am a graduate student in the Cultural Studies program at UW Bothell; with an emphasis in higher education reform. I was interested in the opportunity of joining the Editorial Board after Kim Sharp encouraged me to participate. She was my new supervisor and also the faculty advisor for the Policy Journal. As a new student on this campus I wanted to get involved and since I envision myself as a professional writer and editor I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to improve my writing and editing skills. I was interested in learning more about what it means to be a student editor of an academic journal. This experience has been astonishing; working collaboratively with other Board members in: reading submissions; writing letters to authors suggesting revision; promoting the journal; utilizing my graphic design interest; and formatting the manuscript. I was able to learn about a myriad of policy related issues that UW Bothell students strongly care about. The end of the 2011-2012 academic year brings our hard work of the Board, student authors, and faculty advisors to a crescendo because we are about to publish the finished 2012 Policy Journal. To see the final journal published will be quite gratifying. This was an experience I will not soon forget and am thankful for. I would like to thank my fellow 2012 Board members and faculty advisors, Kim Sharp and Andrea Stone.”

Mahala Lettvin “I am an undergraduate student in the IAS program, majoring in American Studies. After graduating next Autumn 2012, I hope to continue my education at the University of Washington Bothell through the Masters in Cultural Studies program. I love anything to do with writing, and anything to do with words. If I were to have free time I would spend it playing Scrabble, Boggle, and MadLibs with my children. I enjoy writing in all forms: poetry, journal entries, academic papers, legal briefs, letters, status updates, and to-do lists. Through the encouragement of Prof. Julie Shayne, I joined the UWB Policy Journal Editorial Board in Autumn Quarter, 2011. Over the past year, I have learned about the process of bringing an academic journal to publication, but more importantly I have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sharing research, and working collaboratively to represent the diverse opinions, interests and writing styles of the students here in UWB. I am indebted to the skills and expertise of the members of the 2012 UWB Policy Journal Editorial Board, and am grateful for the opportunity to work collaboratively with them as well as our faculty advisors in bringing this publication to press. I look forward to future editions of the Policy Journal representing the academic, personal, and ethical excellence that embodies the UWB campus.”

Ashley Hamilton

Andrew Nguyen

Ani Dorsett

Shawna Morris

Christina Rose Lorella

If you are interested in serving as a member of next year’s editorial board, please direct inquires to pjsubmissions@uwb.edu.


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