Submission Requirements

The 2014 edition of the Policy Journal is our last. The Journal is no longer accepting submissions. However, we’re pleased to announce the creation of a new research journal on campus. More information to come!


We accept submissions year-round. We encourage you to submit your paper as soon as you feel ready to do so.

We invite submissions of any length up to 7,500 words.

All submissions should adhere to the APA 6th Edition Citation Style. The APA Website, as well as OWL Purdue are great resources. We expect all authors to maintain integrity as expected in academic writing. All submissions must adhere to the University of Washington’s code of conduct.  The Board strongly recommends that students take full advantage of the resources available on campus. Two resources include:

(1) The UWB Policy Journal urges  students to find a faculty mentor to help with all stages of research, writing, and publication processes. Students will find that locating and working with faculty mentors adds a great deal of intellectual insights, methodology development, direction to additional resources on campus and beyond, as well as a wide array of various support throughout the processes. For more information, we recommend speaking with faculty members with whom a relationship has already been established, or by clicking here.

(2) The UWB Policy Journal also strongly urges students to set up visits to the UWB Writing and Communication Center, where writing consultants are trained to provide feedback throughout every stage of the research/writing process. The UWB Policy Journal collaborated with the Writing and Communication Center to help students hone their writing skills including thesis development, organization, APA style, properly citing sources and avoiding plagiarism, formatting, and other various other aspects of writing an article for publication in our journal.

It is expected that papers include a clear description of their relationship to policy. These relationships might include:

  • Policy implementation
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy design and formulation
  • Broad discussion of the implications of a specific policy or polices

For more specific ideas, please see past submissions.

All submissions are treated as anonymous during the review process. Papers accepted will be returned for revision(s) before final publication.

How to Submit

To submit email your paper as a .doc or .docx attachment to

Please include the following information in the body of the email:

    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Title of submission
    • UW Bothell course number that corresponds to your paper, if applicable.
    • Clearly stated connection to policy

Published authors will have a reserved three (3) copies to pick up at the Writing and Communication Center, UW2-124. Print copies are released mid-June of each year.

Priority Deadline is 01/01/2015.


If you have questions about submitting your work, contact us at or fill out the form below.




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